10390089_893870753963841_1541791264452576564_n 10388594_886921381325445_2921098509796407706_n 10456053_893870780630505_1526569683444143992_n   Name: Wink   Gender: Male (neutered)   Breed: Chinese Shar Pei   Age: 1 year   Weight: 65lbs       Description: Left as a bait dog, Wink escaped to a warehouse where he couldn't stay. So he was put for free on Craigslist by a wonderful woman and we swooped him up! Wink's wounds are now healing beautifully! He is proving himself every day to be such an incredible pup. We don't think he's totally 1 year old just yet because of his puppyish antics, but that's ok! He is crate trained now and very well-behaved and calm in it. He walks well on a leash, especially for a big dog, and is calm when meeting other dogs! He does his business outside and then plays afterwards. He LOVES to play!!! He is amazing with little dogs too, very gentle! Email us at for inquiries and an adoption application!

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  • Mr. Winkles you are one of my soulmates please wait til I kin git u!!!! Love, slobbery kisses n hugs, Andrea 🙂

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