4/5/16- SOS!!! Rosemary is Very Sick!

I know I run a dog rescue....but sometimes, I just can't help but to fall in love with the dogs I rescue beyond being able to give them up. I have 3 1/2 dogs. My 1/2 dog, you see.... In the end of January of this year, I rescued Rosemary Absinthe the Potato. She was covered in baby powder for whatever reason and at 10 weeks old was hardly 1lb. Now she is 5 months old and 2lbs...but she is incredibly, dangerously ill. See? She's so tiny, she's hardly even a whole dog. She's just a little potato.
She got dewormed today (before I go on, it's not a reaction to her dewormer) and when we got home, she promptly drank a LOT of water, so much that I had to remove her from the bowl. All the dogs drank the same water, so it wasn't the water. Within 30 minutes she went from playful, happy puppy to wobbly, exhausted girl. She put herself to bed in a green dog bed I have behind the couch I prefer to sit on. She passed out into a deep sleep but woke up at one point to start crying in pain. I immediately turned to see she was laying in her own pee, could hardly get out of the bed, and she vomited shortly after trying to stand. After she vomited, she seemed to feel a little better and managed to stand, but could only walk sideways. She fell over and has yet to get back up again. In fact, she can hardly hold her head up. She shook violently once I got her to the vet and she had another seizure-like episode where she needed oxygen because she turned blue. This was at the vet. I have a lot of vets on her case for whatever is happening to her. We have no idea yet.
I was told she'd likely not make it, that things looked grim. I was about to pull the plug, but my tiny furchild managed to not give up, and the tiniest glimmer of hope shined like a beacon as she fought for her life. She continues to fight. She is alive and somewhat stable, but things are still very uncertain.
Poor Abs will likely need an MRI. She has already cost me $1300 and will likely be $5000-$6000 when everything is said and done. So, I need to host an emergency fundraiser. It's the first big fundraiser I have ever hosted before. I am nervous, I need everything to be perfect and I need people to show up.
Tickets will be $15 at the door, and likely the fundraiser will be from 8PM-1:30AM. It will be Monday, April 11th, at Rain Nightclub in Studio City.
Rain Nightclub
12215 Ventura Blvd. #211
Studio City, CA 91604
We do need items donated for auction and raffle purposes. Please call at 310-403-0641 or email at hoochiepoochrescue@gmail.com
You can also donate towards her care using the tab at the top of www.hprescue.org or directly via gift to friends/family on PayPal to hoochiepoochrescue@gmail.com
You can also donate to our vets but PLEASE REALIZE that there are a LOT OF VETS being used and I don't know what MRI place I will go to yet. I CAN'T TRANSFER CREDIT from one vet to another, so if I have a bunch of credit at one vet that I need to use somewhere else, it will not help Rosemary. You MUST say this is for Rosemary of Hoochie Pooch Rescue also, or the credit will simply go to the vet and not for Rosemary herself. It is highly advised that anyone who wishes to donate please does so via Hoochie Pooch Rescue directly so I can use the money where it needs to go and not have to worry about unused credit.
1) Marina Animal Emergency Center: (310) 823-7387
2) Pet Care Center: (323) 294-4030
3) MRI center TBA
Let's bring Absy back to who she really is....a happy, brilliant, social little puppy. She's a true gem, a rare breed of pure golden heart. No one has ever met this baby girl that hasn't fallen madly in love. I can't lose her. Please, help. I can't do this alone, it takes a village!
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