12096074_1200849556599291_6117886126219067615_n 12143291_1200849489932631_7533726656730623730_n   Name: Simba Gender: Male (neutered) Breed: Pomeranian Age: 5 years Weight: 5lbs   Description: Simba was rescued as a puppy running on the streets from a Pit Bull that was going to hurt him. Because of this he is rather afraid of big dogs so he can't go to a home with big dogs, but he is a fluffy little sweetheart. While he is gentle with kids, he would prefer not to live with them so be can be the spoiled prince. He loves riding in the car and loves going to places such as the mall, coffee shops, and walks in various new scenery! Simba is the perfect compact companion with a luxurious white coat that everyone wants to pet. He's a total star with a loving, warm personality. He enjoys being held, carried and cuddled. He loves doggie purses! Apply for this handsome man today.