Silverbell – ADOPTED

1780794_807996329217951_389145953_n little_doggy 10154007_840971915920392_508759975_n  10176257_863995233618060_6826114565290654343_n 10367549_918403268177256_409397548982103839_n 10553348_918403318177251_1014379346552144830_n 10569063_918403354843914_1940507749075405478_n 10502220_918403404843909_8502429255760874890_n 1977244_918403364843913_3419585512180226300_n 10003119_826269357390648_1062058243_n Name: Silverbell Gender: Female (Spayed) Breed: Pomeranian Age: 4yrs Weight: 8lbs   Description: This spunky little goof is an absolute cuddle-bug. She loves to crawl underneath the covers with you. She is a hilarious little entertainer: she scoots her butt in circles when she's happy to see you and LOVES to jump right up into your arms, no running start! Silverbell is crate trained and friendly with all dogs and people. We expect, because of her docile and rather careless nature she'll be just fine with cats in the household. Silverbell will do well in any sort of household, even with gentle children!   Email us at for inquiries and an adoption application!

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