10378080_898875006796749_3360087190152882149_n 1902881_913445222006394_9193328064781941536_n  10440657_909253422425574_4066872203209649683_n 983759_933581629992753_4428716173141016278_n Name: Rosie Gender: Female (spayed) Breed: Papillon Age: 1 year Weight: 4 1/2lbs   Description: Rosie is a very special little girl. She is a shy rescue from OC Animal Care. She was all alone in a very large kennel and wouldn't move from her spot. We fell in absolute love with her and she is a true favourite of Hoochie Pooch Rescue. Admittedly, we are reluctant to give her up, but she isn't fit for the hustle-and-bustle lifestyle of a rescue home. Rosie needs a quiet, gentle home with absolutely no children. She frightens easily and runs away, but can be a bit feisty if caught. At home, we allow her to run and go in the opposite direction from her rather than chase her, which frightens her. She has NEVER tried to run away from the house; only to safe place in the house, like under the bed (but we don't let her stay there; we get her into her crate). Rosie will always need a crate in her life- it is her safe place, her den, and she needs to be able to have a place where she can feel safe. Rosie loves baths, but above all, she loves to be dried! After we dry her off, a towel is set on the ground and she dries herself off, rubbing all over the towel until she finally lays down in it. She just loves it! She loves to cuddle on the couch as well, especially with our permanent Hoochie resident Hopscotch (my own Papillon). They have become the best of friends. Rosie would do very well in a home with another dog to cuddle up to and be friends with, but can be an only dog. We'd like to see Rosie go to a home with perhaps someone who is retired, or a quiet young couple who works. Perhaps even a single-person home, someone who works from home or doesn't; either is fine. Rosie doesn't mind much as long as she can feel safe. E-mail us at for more information on Rosie. She will not be available for public adoption; adoption events are too much for her and she becomes very stressed, so Rosie is available to meet by appointment only after an application is filled out.    

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