Queen Elizabeth – ADOPTED

IMG_9127 IMG_9129 Name: Queen Elizabeth Gender: Female (Spayed) Age: 11 wks Weight: 5 lbs Breed: Border Collie x Papillon Description:  We rescued Queen Elizabeth from Craigslist today, bred by people who carelessly allow their unfixed dogs to continue exacerbating the shelter's overpopulation issues. In any case, we were able to protect this puppy from spending its life passed from one neglective owner to the next, and we will be sure to find someone very special for her! Queen was extremely skinny when we got her, and its obvious her litter mates (or humans) didn't allow her to eat much, seeing as she was quite surprised when no one took her food away from her. At 11 weeks old, she is full of boundless energy, and loves to run around. That being said, it was pretty hard to get a photo of this little one! She is currently about 5 pounds, but will likely be around 10 pounds when she is done growing. Her personality is very outgoing, she loves other dogs and cats and would be great with children! She probably has some Border Collie and Papillon blood in her,  which will lend her to being a great play mate who is very in tune with whoever she ends up with! She is current on all her shots, and is currently in great health! Now we're just waiting on Queen Elizabeth's knight in shining armor to come sweep her off her paws!