Pudding – ADOPTED

10454457_946491215368461_175639321136286493_n 10675794_947945625223020_4938929062577469129_n 10672091_947945875222995_2898310514899425624_n 10959302_1044789152205333_3006145356139607763_n 10959827_1044788838872031_693886595190936909_n   Name: Pudding Gender: Female (spayed) Breed: Pomeranian Age: 2 years Weight: 10lbs   Description: Pudding meows. Yes, when she is excited to see someone she likes, she actually meows! We call the the real catdog. She also has the quietest bark you can imagine - it's hardly even an "arf!" Pudding is a very special, goofy girl with one of the best personalities we've ever seen. She loves her crate, loves to hang out in dog beds, loves to cuddle, loves to go on walks...she just loves everything and everyone! Pudding was rescued with a bare, infected tail that was partially cut off. We were forced to dock more of it because of nerve damage. Even though she can't wag her tail, she still wiggles and meows when she's happy to see you! Pudding is crate, potty and leash trained - not once has she ever gone to the bathroom in the house. What a brilliant baby girl!

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