Primrose – ADOPTED

img_6202img_6206 Name: Primrose Gender: Female Age: 4 Months Weight: 4.5lbs Breed: Chihuahua x Pomeranian Description: Primrose and her sister, Pansy, were both rescued from Carson shelter. Prim has a slightly darker coloring than Pansy. Although they are both timid, Prim is definitely more social than Pansy. She's much more curious and interested in what's going on around her! She likes to sniff around and prance in the grass. She is comfortable being handled, and would fit nicely in a bag. Prim seems to be potty trained for the most part, although her bladder is still pretty small so training and potty routine would need to continue to be diligent to prevent any accidents! She's such a sweet girl and is just starting to come out of her shell. There's no telling what she wouldn't do for the soul that gives her the love and care she needs to open up! These puppies will probably grow to be about 10 pounds, so they'll stay pretty small.