11109179_1104588442892070_7875554458749253724_n 1499670_1104588472892067_983780375401693853_n 11255842_1104588562892058_6905147175102523398_n Name: Pixie Gender: Female (spayed) Breed: Papillon & Dachshund X Age: 2 years Weight: 6lbs   Description: Pixie was rescued from a hoarder's house. We believe she has been confined to a cage her entire short life. When we first rescued her, she hated coming out of her crate. She refused to stand up and move from a single spot. She is still getting used to walking on a leash and is still learning what grass is. She's wonderful with other animals, but is unsure of people. She is easy to pet and pick up, but simply does not know how to give and receive love yet! Due her lack of socialization with humans, Pixie cannot be adopted into a family with any children at all. She must go to an all-adult family that leads a quieter life and is willing to give Pixie the time she needs to adjust and learn how to be a dog! She is a wonderful, sweet girl that enjoys sitting on the couch with you, watching TV and cuddling. She does not know how to jump or play, but she will learn with time and patience!