Pepper – ADOPTED

11143205_1169352436415670_7102787198140274346_n 11899853_1169352399749007_7796999144880741989_n 11899803_1169352083082372_1876423176187964194_n Name: Pepper Gender: Female Breed: Pomeranian Age: 8-9 years Weight: 5lbs   Description: Pepper was rescued from Downey shelter after the owners on her microchip refused to claim her. She had been picked up off the streets by animal control and brought to the shelter. Despite her age she is pretty quick on her feet but cannot go up steps at all. She is unable to lift her head for long and currently has a mammary gland tumor, minor cataracts, and an upper respiratory infection. She is also deaf and has arthritis. Pepper would love a hospice home where she can rest easy in a lap and play with little soft squeaky toys. She loves to be carried in purses and slings. She even likes to go on walks and sometimes tries to slip out of our gate! Pepper is a goofball and we absolutely love her to death. She keeps up smiling and laughing all the time with her silly personality. How anyone could lose such a sweetheart is beyond us!

2 thoughts on “Pepper – ADOPTED

  • Hi there.
    I was wondering if this is an Australian site?
    If it is, I have two small pom females (desexed) and I am home all day. I would love to help this angel out (for the rest of her days if need be). I dont mind carrying her everywhere. She would be well looked after and very safe with me. My other two dogs just sleep all I dont know how anyone could abandon such a little darling in need. I already love her.
    Bev Murphy

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