Mushroom – ADOPTED

        BEFORE: 10628550_944706528880263_4433255907283618512_n 1797521_953631781321071_3506873262529636773_n     AFTER: 1505411_1030231066994475_8259517614316873401_n 10653385_1029531677064414_7370244729438174636_n (1)   Name: Mushroom Gender: Male (neutered) Breed: Lhasa Apso Age: 3 years Weight: 20lbs   Description: A classic case of rags-to-riches, Mushroom was picked up in the streets of South Central smelling of stale drugs, filth and...well, mushrooms! His hair was so long you couldn't see anything but his adorable underbite that makes him look like he's smiling. When we took him to our grooming friends, they couldn't touch him - they said he had to be groomed by a vet because his mats were so thick and close to his skin that is was a health hazard! Mushroom's teeth were completely yellow and frankly, he smelled of absolute decrepit rot and death. He was so skinny every bone in his body could be felt beneath all of that fluff. Now in our care, Mushroom has put on weight and received a whole new 'do! He is grateful for a warm bed, good food and his own crate. He loves to lay in the sun in the yard. Mushroom is overall one of the best dogs we have ever picked up. Mushroom is fine with all dogs and people, including gentle children. He is a calm boy with a lot of love to give, but he doesn't know how yet! As he is pet, he will gaze at you with the most loving big eyes you will ever know. Mushroom is perfectly crate and potty trained. He walks well on a harness and has no trouble meeting other dogs. He will do well in a quiet, caring family situation with no loud or rough children that could harm or frighten him. He's a gentle old soul and he just wants a warm bed to sleep in and kind arms to hold him.