Mufasa – ADOPTED

11025822_1060811320603116_1572596135353295514_n 10460491_1060811347269780_2140924241253965786_n 1610888_1060811380603110_7593801205278040995_n 11025746_1060811360603112_3765862962929360044_n 11029536_1064361713581410_9172802964577106148_n 1484682_1064361690248079_4995412760511451655_n 11041217_1064361680248080_5098968595208690796_n 10360467_1073196579364590_8255802484713945938_n 11121111_1087602507923997_6551619821933894335_n 10950700_1073196769364571_3918245751675720690_n   Name: Mufasa Gender: Male (Neutered) Breed: Pomeranian Age: 2 years Weight: 12lbs   Description: Mufasa is a unique beauty. His hair is so soft and flows beautifully in the wind, but you never would have guessed that if you saw him when we first picked him up! Mufasa was rescued from a hoarder/puppy mill house in San Bernadino. He was covered in mats and filth, desperate for gentle love and attention. He quickly came to life as soon as he was out. He smiles big, loves to play, enjoys the company of all people and dogs, and loves to go on walks. He is very cuddly. He makes a great go anywhere, do anything type dog. He doesn't yap or bark at other dogs, but prefers to know them and play with them! Take him to all of your favourite cafes and outdoor hangout spots. Mufasa would like to be in a home without young children.