12046698_1193076504043263_8423749372035915586_n 12046607_1193916157292631_6900842344158277405_n 12039188_1193916120625968_2326474011925298208_n   Name: Mimi Gender: Female Breed: Border Collie/German Shepherd Age: 13 weeks Weight: 6lbs   Description: Rescued along with her sister Kiki from Craigslist, Mimi was covered in fleas and ticks. Mimi is now a clean, bouncy little puppy who loves to play. She will grow up looking more like a Border Collie with a luxurious coat! She will be fantastic as a jogging/biking/hiking companion or a friend to play catch with a frisbee or ball! She's a wonderful puppy that will grow up quite elegantly.

One thought on “Mimi – ADOPTED

  • Hi, its Dec 19th and I was wondering if Mimi is still available. We are looking for a border collie puppy. Please either email or call me on (805) 640-5218.

    Lynn Rimkus

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