Leilani – ADOPTED

14394_1130384070312507_996394051865339773_n 18609_1130455566972024_1926398338542966318_n 10917454_1130383886979192_8995755718767616296_n 10982409_1136856089665305_7432095469163771425_n 11700909_1136855859665328_9074070717564453300_n 11148418_1136855826331998_9060611849039672565_n 11221532_1136856149665299_7740705469542947334_n   Name: Leilani "Lani"   Gender: Female (Spayed)   Breed: Husky & German Shepherd   Age: 8 months   Weight: 48lbs       Description: Lani is a very social, friendly girl likely rescued off the streets before she landed into a county shelter. She is great in a pack and will thrive with a doggie friend. She's a bit stubborn, but still willing to learn. She absolutely loves to play and has puppy-ish antics. Leilani is a sweet soul and an overall striking girl.