12039629_1193916467292600_5371312894275936458_n 12037985_1193075154043398_4989174172307378982_n 11215746_1192807887403458_3795711388052168044_n 12063431_1193916497292597_5092051272312811490_n   Name: Kiki Gender: Female Breed: Border Collie/German Shepherd Age: 8 weeks Weight: 3lbs   Description: Rescued along with her sister Mimi from Craigslist, Kiki was covered in fleas and ticks. She is now a clean, happy puppy that will grow up looking more like a German Shepherd. She is a sweet, gentle girl that will make the perfect puppy for first-time doggie families. She will be fantastic in any home situation: kids, apartment, you name it! She is an all-around amazing girl.

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