Gypsy – ADOPTED!

10258082_879081208776129_4923874679586484334_n 10390947_879107495440167_5647308625671339336_n 10407612_878381808846069_2132085940717826520_n   Name: Miss Gypsy Lee Rose "Gypsy" Gender: Female (spayed) Breed: Pomeranian Age: 2 years Weight: 12lbs   Description: The sweetest lil fluffball you ever did cuddle! Gypsy is a magnet to all she meets - they justhave to touch her, hold her, pet her and she LOVES it!!! Gypsy was lost in the Riverside shelter system for 3 months or more, before being transferred to Upland and getting lost their system for 2 months. So for heaven knows how long this poor girl was passed day by day, forgotten in a lost system....nobody even knew she existed! Gypsy loves to be cuddled and pet. She's very mellow, which is super rare in the Pom breed and quite the blessing 🙂 But when she wants to play she gets all riled up with her cute little bark. Gypsy would be just fine in any home situation (gentle children only), but would prefer a quiet home that gives her a lot of attention and love. She loves to curl up on the couch with her human and fall asleep while watching TV. She hasn't quite gotten the understanding of toys and bones just yet but with a little enticement she should be just fine in learning what they're all about.