12510416_1264706433546936_4096586566211625008_n 12565506_1264706690213577_303680365090105103_n 12548867_1264706613546918_2013661876252693091_n   Name: Ely Gender: Female Breed: Yorkie x Poodle x Shih Tzu Age: 2 months Weight: 2lbs   Description: Poor little Ely was rescued with a bloodshot eye from a poor neighborhood where nobody wanted to take care of her. She's still skittish but is coming out of her shell well. She's excellent with dogs and cats, but would not be suitable for a home with children. Ely just wants a warm lap to cuddle in and her own bones and toys to play with. She's such a sweetheart who so desperately wants to love and be loved. Ely would do fine as an only dog but would greatly benefit from having a playmate.