549334_1127163117301269_989537782294232593_n 10156175_1127163137301267_8381642985158511800_n 10995856_1084529031564678_3558679602094680655_n 11267356_1126705080680406_5758627234943246307_n   Name: Dory   Gender: Female (Spayed)   Breed: Papillon/Shetland Sheepdog X   Age: 2 years   Weight: 6lbs       Description: Dory was confiscated from a hoarder's house that had almost 200 dogs. She was definitely one of the unlucky ones most likely confined to a cage for her entire life. She came to us incredibly frightened to the point of being unable to be picked up or cuddled. She is finally learning that being held and cuddled is ok. She is still very wary on the leash and is not comfortable being walked, so it would be best for her to be adopted to a home with a yard. She loves other dogs and cats and would do fine with or without a doggie friend to be with. Dory will not be adopted to a home with children because of her reserved personality. Despite her fear, she craves love, but is still learning to accept it. She is a very gentle girl and would never harm a fly; despite her fear and undersocialized behavior, she has never once snapped or even growled! She is a tolerant, patient girl with a lot of love to give and she is learning how to love and be loved!

One thought on “Dory – ADOPTED

  • Hi. Dori is a lovely girl.
    I live in Calgary Alberta Canada and have 2 rescued poodle-mixes. One rescued from Texas and brought to Calgary by Little Mutts Rescue; one rescued from Los Angeles and brought to Calgary by Pawsitive Match Rescue.

    Do you ever work with rescues to bring dogs up to Canada?

    Your website says two different things about Dory; at one point she’s a Pomeranian Chihuahua, and in another area she’s a Papillion Chihuahua. Would you please clarify?

    Thank for rescuing Dory. I am very interested in her I f one of our Calgary rescues could bring her up. Thank you so much for your assistance.

    Karin Goddard
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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