Name: Chong Gender: Male Age: 6 weeks Weight: 2lbs Breed: Border Terrier Description: Chong was rescued with his brother, Cheech, from Craigslist. He’s an adorable 2 pound puppy that’s full of energy and loves to play! He’s sensitive, but very forgiving, and loves to give kisses. Like his brother, he would make a great companion or family[…]

Cheech – ADOPTED

Name: Cheech Gender: Male Age: 6 weeks Weight: 2lbs Breed: Border Terrier Description: Cheech was rescued with his brother, Chong, from a Craigslist poster. Often times smaller puppies like these (weighing in at a grand total of 2 pounds) are often used as bait and are at higher risk of being put in abusive situations. Cheech is[…]

Queen Elizabeth – ADOPTED

Name: Queen Elizabeth Gender: Female (Spayed) Age: 11 wks Weight: 5 lbs Breed: Border Collie x Papillon Description:  We rescued Queen Elizabeth from Craigslist today, bred by people who carelessly allow their unfixed dogs to continue exacerbating the shelter’s overpopulation issues. In any case, we were able to protect this puppy from spending its life passed from[…]

Pidgey – ADOPTED

  Name: Pidgey Gender: Male (Neutered) Age: 8 years Weight: 15lbs Breed: Long-Haired Dachshund x Corgi Description: Pidgey is a sweet little old man, who was rescued stray off the streets in Van Nuys. He is extremely friendly and would love a laid back home where he can lay at someone’s feet for the majority[…]


    Name: Lucy Gender: Female/spayed Breed: Border Collie & German Shepherd Age: 7 months Weight: 40lbs   Description: Lucy was rescued with her sister as a puppy covered in fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, Lucy, now no longer a tiny puppy, is being returned to us. Sadly, adopting puppies out is always a risk- in[…]

Stella – ADOPTED

  Name: Stella Gender: Female/spayed Breed: Shepherd/Husky Age: 1 year Weight: 45lbs   Description: Stella was rescued 5/3/16 from East Valley Shelter. She is a 45lbs Shepherd/Husky mix. She was an owner surrender deemed aggressive with people, dogs and cats….but she’s not any of those things!!! She is AMAZING with dogs and cats, she loves[…]