Bye Bye Lil Droozie & Mabel; CHANCE GETS HIS SECOND!

 14522769_1498199636864280_8879066207931218999_n14470447_1498199623530948_3838924342907653954_n14494688_1498199590197618_4549365087999333869_n14440988_1498199576864286_856563044579962956_n   While Lil' Droozie and Mabel had been adopted, Chance was rescued off of the streets of South Los Angeles in an area well-known for its forgotten stray dogs. He had clearly been on the streets for a very long time; completely matted and filthy beyond any recognition as a canine, Chance was a growling, heavily fearful mess before our longtime and trustworthy foster and friend found him and picked him up off the streets. When she took him to the groomer he had to be shaved almost completely to his skin, which had been torn and became filled with dandruff and other minor damage from such heavy, thick matting. With no chip nor family looking for him, we are now lucky to be able to give Chance the second chance he deserves at finding a family that will love and cherish him for the truly wonderful, playful, and happy little Miniature Poodle he really is!   PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO HELP US CARE FOR CHANCE AND SAVE OTHER DOGS LIKE HIM! You can read more about him under the Dogs -> Available tab and apply for him using our online Adoption Application.