Blackbird – ADOPTED

10574389_934716366545946_3347696267241491396_n 10411257_935400539810862_51627830730546588_n 10568884_935400456477537_4275039879674085672_n 10580090_935400556477527_8367311511617734601_n Name: Blackbird Gender: Female (spayed) Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd Age: 3 years Weight: 18lbs   Description: What a SWEETHEART this girl is! She is a very gentle, loving and doting soul. Contrary to the common Australian Shepherd personality, Blackbird (aka BB) is quite calm. She likes to trot around and play outdoors and makes an excellent park buddy, but is overall an amazingly low-energy old soul. Blackbird is quite intuitive. She is a velcro dog, but does not cry when left alone and can attach herself to a family as well as one person. She's an excellent first timer dog, she's great with gentle kids, and she even loves cats. Blackbird is potty and crate trained. She'd be an excellent dog in any type of home/family situation. Even just knowing her is a blessing. Everyone loves her!