Cute Thing – ADOPTED

  Name: Cute Thing Gender: Male/neutered Breed: Papillon & Pekingese mix Age: 4 years Weight: 12lbs Description: Cute Thing is friendly and loving with everyone. All he wants is for his soft, luxurious, silky Papillon hair to be brushed and pet. He’s usually seen lounging lazily on the floor or in a lap. He is[…]

Minichow – ADOPTED

Name: Minichow Gender: Male/neutered Breed: Keeshond, Chow Chow & Pomeranian mix Age: 2 years Weight: 25lbs   Description: Minichow is a playful mid-size boy. We call him “Little Bear,” “Baby Bear,” and also “cool dude” because he’s such an awesome dog to hang out with. He’s great for jogging, hiking, biking, skateboarding, and is overall[…]

Matcha – ADOPTED

  Name: Matcha Gender: Female/Spayed Breed: Siberian Husky Age: 3 years Weight: 55lbs   Description: Matcha is an extraordinarily well-behaved and mellow husky girl. She’s 3 years old and about 55lbs. She’s a very sweet, mellow girl, fine with dogs her size and tolerant of smaller dogs and cats (but still inclined to chase.) She[…]


Name: Mochi Gender: Female/Spayed Breed: Siberian Husky x German Shepherd Age: 10 weeks Weight: 15lbs   Description: Mochi is a 10wk old Siberian Husky & Shepherd mix. She’s about 15lbs, and estimated to be anywhere between 40-60lbs full grown. She’s currently going through training and has been shown to learn things quickly; she’s very smart,[…]


  Name: Tiger Gender: Male Age: 14 weeks old Breed: Pomeranian Weight: 2lbs Description: Tiger is a Craigslist rescue. He was dumped, covered in fleas, because someone was “having a baby,” and the other little kids didn’t take care of him. He’s a 14wks old 2lbs Pomeranian puppy. Tiger is very calm and prefers to cuddle his people,[…]

Macaroni – ADOPTED

  Name: Macaroni Gender: Female/Spayed Age: 2 Years Breed: Pomeranian Weight: 9lbs Description: Macaroni is a 9lbs 2 year old Pomeranian that was rescued from Craigslist late March 2017. She was covered in very bad mats that caused her skin to break. The people who dumped her were incredibly careless, mean people and we are glad to[…]

Kingsley – ADOPTED

  Name: Kingsley Gender: Male/Neutered Age: 10 Months Breed: Pomeranian x Corgi Weight: 12lbs Description: Kingsley is coming out of his shell, as he was rescued from a family that unfortunately never took him for walks, and it is apparent that he may have been kept in a small enclosure for most of his short[…]

Cheeba Chew – ADOPTED

  Name: Cheeba Chew Gender: Male/Neutered Age: 1.5 years Breed: Pomeranian Weight: 7lbs Description: Cheeba Chew is an adorable, fuzzy, cuddle monster with a hilariously quirky personality! He is friendly and loves to play with other dogs. He is laid back and has great house manners. He’s just looking for someone with the time and[…]

Mellow – ADOPTED

Name: Mellow Gender: Female/Spayed Age: 8 months Breed: Cocker Spaniel x Miniature Poodle Weight: 12lbs Description: Meet Mellow! Much like her name suggests, she is a very laid back and at times timid pup that needs someone to show her some love. Mellow was rescued from underneath a large truck completely covered in grease head to toe. Even after several[…]