1526591_794380160579568_1866764656_n1533924_794380210579563_300069536_n1559812_794380173912900_1548741100_n   Name: Aria Gender: Female (Spayed) Breed: German Shepherd & Shetland Sheepdog Age: 7 months Weight: 15-20lbs   Description: Aria is what we call the "Mini German Shepherd." She has all of the talent, looks and cuteness of a German Shepherd in a little bitty body! She is the perfect go-anywhere dog and is VERY doting. She loves to cuddle and play, but is never demanding about it. Aria is a very polite puppy who asks gently for attention when she wants it, but is just as happy curling up on a dog bed. She absolutely adores other dogs and loves people. She would do fine in a single-dog home, but would be extra happy in a home that has a doggie friend for her to play with. Aria is perfectly crate trained and very well-behaved in the home!