10920900_1038536309497284_941640526416120492_n 10897902_1047824198568495_337874405755091802_n Name: Alene Gender: Female Breed: Pomchi Age: 2 years Weight: 5lbs   Description: Alene was rescued from San Bernadino City Shelter. She was frightened when she first arrived to us, but is quickly coming out of her shell. She loves to cuddle and climb on people. She's still a bit shy, but absolutely adores attention. It's clear that she was never actually treated like a dog- perhaps not even treated like anything and either left alone in the house or yard all day in her previous home (if she had one- she was found by the shelter as a stray). She has never experienced what a collar or leash feels like, but she is getting used to it well. She is learning how to be a dog and loves every minute of it, but can't figure out why just yet. Other than her easily-fixed new-rescue quirks, she is coming out of her shell very well and is rather a goof. Alene will do best in a quiet home situation without a lot of commotion. Gentle children over 12 years of age only. She'd prefer to be an only dog so she can be spoiled, but is perfectly fine with other dogs and cats. Apartment or home doesn't matter- Alene just wants to be with her people.