9/29/14 – Funny Foot & Silly Knees “Starfox” Surgery; Snowbell’s New Mommy

    10523152_925046577512925_699613110864287005_n 10616104_939749739375942_6407507202256130018_n   Funny Foot and Silly Knees "Starfox" were dropped off at the vet today, finally, for their surgeries. The first time we dropped off Starfox, the vet wasn't ready and needed to consult with us. Our costs will come out to about $4,000, and ONLY $20 has been donated to their care! This is VERY BAD for us and the Hoochies!! We need to be able to vet all of our dogs when needed, as well as feed and provide other excellent care for them! We can't do this alone- we are a charity run on donations. Please follow the link on our main page to donate to us to help with these massive expenses. You can also donate here: www.youcaring.com/fracturegirls  or directly to us via paypal hoochiepoochrescue@gmail.com PLEASE MAKE DONATIONS TO FRIENDS/FAMILY VIA GIFT OR WE WILL NOT RECEIVE IT!!! Thank you!     10250057_958343530849896_405350257843005373_n   Snowbell, our darling toy Eskie found her new Mommy this weekend! She is happy as can be. Our little skinnyminny is putting on weight with her no problem, finally able to eat in peace. Even with full bowls of food in her crate day and night, she never seemed to like to eat around other dogs. Now she's a spoiled little girl!   We skipped out on events this weekend, enabling us to take a breather for once. Phew! It may be the only one we get in a while as we start to gear up for this holiday season. Keep in touch with us as we prepare for our Senior Living Bake Sale & Adoption event on October 25. We will also be hosting one Halloween-Themed and one Thanksgiving-Themed adoption event in Studio City (dates to be determined). In December, we will be hosting and part of a very big local West Side small business event, date also to be determined. Have a great week!