9/22/15 – New Event Location; Hello/Goodbye Lestat; Autumn is Here; A Ghost is Haunting Us!; Sunshine’s Surgery

12046801_1189742017710045_7873081143682717693_n 12038504_1189741841043396_1611224955045156301_n 12011308_1189741574376756_2992513479045741487_n 12002315_1189741914376722_587734151656188733_n 12002044_1189741977710049_8530021670865384265_n 10419969_1189741464376767_5372259048856331167_n   Our new event location is the Petco on Sepulveda and Sawtelle in Culver City. We will be there every Saturday 12-4PM and alternation Sundays 1-4PM. Pictured here is Lestat, Magnolia, Ghost, Pepper and Autumn who all enjoyed their time at Petco this weekend very much. Thanks for hosting our Hoochies, Petco!       12039327_1187956707888576_4587199236346852815_n 12003372_1190927007591546_491805398521515567_n   Lestat came and went quickly with us. Have a wonderful furever life with your beautiful new family and brother Sparky, Lestat!     12039273_1189739761043604_7350373963977258791_n 12036904_1188940341123546_5634568410525134359_n 12032172_1189735671044013_5467216202002209407_n   Autumn the Toy Poodle and Ghost the Maltese were both rescued from South Los Angeles city shelter. Autumn was thrown into the shelter after having her babies and has recovered from her loss well. Ghost came to us with horrific flea dermatitis and a very bad infection in both of her little ears. Donations can be made using the Donate! link at the top to help cover her costs.     12004785_1187663847917862_567703091235957414_n   Sunshine will have an update on her surgery soon. Meanwhile, the cost to cover the hernia ALONE (not including hospitalization, IVs, medication, spay, other treatments) is $320, so we are asking for donations to be made to help us cover the costs. We rely on donations to be able to save dogs like Sunshine, and with your help we can save more like her. Without donations, we cannot continue to save dogs.