9/22/14 – Meet Mollie & Mushroom; Mishu’s New Momma; We NEED Your Help!

10357467_953460968004819_6563809088338305423_n 10350416_953631804654402_2683788752761468944_n Mollie and Mushroom are our two newest additions! Mollie is a very regal PBGV (that's right! - a purebred Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen) and Mushroom is our Lhasa Apso found on the streets of South Central. Both dogs have their profiles set up in the Dogs -> Available section, so go check them out!   10628514_953457504671832_4603707015564960802_n Mishu found a very happy new Momma and lives in beautiful Santa Margarita! We envy her lovely new lifestyle 😛 Have a great furever life Mishu, we know just how loved you are <3   10568919_945563812127868_2864801746116152295_n10502533_948353758515540_63847585805278976_n10478925_923988597618723_3072460748354552897_n10557158_930336603650589_8725587756644818852_n Guys, we NEED YOUR HELP! Some of our dogs, including Prada and Snowbell, have come down with a nasty case of kennel cough. To boot, we still have to focus on Funny Foot's fractured footie (and as if that wasn't enough, Funny also has REALLY BAD kennel cough)! Silly Knees "Starfox" comes out of the vet today having just had her surgery and we will be able to update everyone on her progress soon. To donate, you can follow the link at the top and PLEASE send as a gift to family/friends, or we won't receive it for a month (PayPal >:( OR, if you want to donate to our fractured pups directly, go to http://www.youcaring.com/fracturegirls PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SPREAD THE LOVE! OUR HOOCHIES NEED YOU!