9/16/16 – Carson Shelter Pulls; Stella’s Voyage Home!

14344304_1483216301695947_6259553863583587885_n 14370057_1483246095026301_6698451695781046350_n   The other day we went to Carson in hopes of rescuing one pup, and ended up saving four! What a great day, right? All three on the right were pulled out of kennels and are currently being treated for upper respiratory infections! Primrose, Pansy, and Dahlia are already feeling better and adjusting to their new life outside of the small cold kennels they were left in. Rosa, on the left, was intercepted before she was surrendered by her owners. Who would want to get rid of somepuppy that cute? We fell for her the moment she landed in our hands, and now we have quite the bounty of pooches!   14045936_1456939427656968_3701410859546500214_n 14141842_1459149497435961_6308362520378867468_n Stella was transported from Venice, CA to Grand Junction, CO to finally be united with her forever family in Colorado! She did great on our 1,500 mile road trip and was very happy to finally be home. Congratulations Stella, you and your new mommy will have so much fun! Don't you just love happy endings?