8/15/14 – Funny Foot & Silly Knees, the Fracture Girls!

WELL! Where have we been for a couple of weeks now?   CERRITOS8-310310110_923190531031863_8805097109888674728_n10306644_925348777482705_162854904684095116_n (OLD EVENT) We had an adoption event on the 3rd of August, where China (pictured above) found a new home in a mere THREE days of having her! We hardly even had a chance to get her onto the website before she found a very loving home! China had been dropped off with us by a frantic acquaintance of ours who had found her abandoned in one of their ex-friends' homes...the home itself was also abandoned, trashed and LIT ON FIRE!! China survived hiding under a bed, and will never have to suffer such a terrifying fate again. She even has a little sister to play with!   10484537_927108120640104_5344350878752927622_n Banzai happily found his home as well with an older Doxie sister. He's doing VERY well! She taught him how to play with toys and the two are positively inseparable. Congrats, Banzai!   10524560_925775270773389_8550323626159017449_n 1907744_925774440773472_6970997134786738032_n 10568953_925754194108830_8743567970973242522_n Pippin is our newest pup available for adoption! He is a 6 month old Long Hair Chihuahua mix, perhaps with Beagle or something else just as cute! Check out his page in the Dogs->Available section of the website!   10523152_925046577512925_699613110864287005_n 10574277_926533264030923_7843693618868672288_n10557158_930336603650589_8725587756644818852_n 10592795_930344490316467_8215105227224364981_n Now, for the not-so-lucky duo: Funny Foot (coned) and Silly Knees "Starfox"  (pink harness) are our newest hoochies. We call them our "Fracture Girls." Funny Foot, from Downey, has an old fracture in her left front leg that can be rebroken and plated to save it. Silly Knees from Baldwin Park has a fracture in her left back leg; her tibia and fibula are fractured. She should be able to be splinted and be OK; we haven't yet X-rayed her to be able to tell, but it should be done shortly. Silly Knees was a fight to get out - they were DETERMINED to amputate her leg, but we wouldn't let them!   Our goal for funds to raise? AT LEAST $5,000. EACH  girl, we are told, will undoubtedly be over $2,000 to save.   Why amputate legs when it's unnecessary? Dogs get around just fine with three legs, but if we can save the fourth, that is precisely what we'll do. Little dogs are best with all four legs because they are so close to the ground and it's easier for them to get around, hop and jump with four legs. Big dogs fare excellently with three legs because the world is their oyster! But for little 5lbs Funny Foot and tiny 3 1/2 lbs Silly Knees, we couldn't bear to see their legs taken when we knew they could be saved.   SO PLEASE, we need EVERY possible cent! Save that Starbucks, that gourmet sandwich, that expensive dinner and movie popcorn. Donate it to the Fracture Girls! See that ticker up there? It's pretty low from a few general donations. FROM THIS POINT, WE WANT TO SEE IT GET TO $5,500!!! Help Funny Foot and Silly Knees! Spread the word! LET'S SAVE THESE GIRLS' LEGS!   Please make sure when you click the link above to donate you choose send as gift, or PayPal will siphon fees from us AND you and we get only a fraction of your donation! Thank you and dog bless!