8/11/15 – Have Great Lives Pinny & Poke; Elvis is in the House; Shenzi the “Hyena;” Magnolia and Lily are Welcomed!

11822699_1164049616945952_6390978901578572997_n 11828793_1162578933759687_2945256467652572105_n   Pinball will be living it up as a Vegas showgirl...well, not really, but she will be living large in Vegas with her fancy new sister Lola! Poke is now named Dott Ann and has a wonderful life in New York! Have fun, ladies!     11817190_1162748537076060_7587559856722135480_n11811574_1163213580362889_3735840286123635065_n11846700_1163874730296774_6428653471221493339_n11231904_1162106563806924_1554978945875002875_n   Elvis, Shenzi, Magnolia and Lily are our newest Hoochies. Elvis the goofball and Shenzi the lazy were both picked up as strays while Magnolia and Lily are sisters rescued from South Los Angeles shelter. Maggie is a little quieter than Lily and both sisters would do best adopted separately. Read all about them under our Dogs->Available tab and apply today!