7/28/15 – Poke the Snoopy Lookalike & Butternut’s Story

247130_1154865697864344_1649156602716749944_n   Poke was rescued before being sent to the pound. She is a 1 1/2lbs Snoopy clone available for adoption today!     11214303_10207422221177155_7659248437348187183_n   Butternut was rescued from Carson shelter at 6 weeks old. The shelter wrote her up as having Sarcoptic Mange, though this was never disclosed with me (Alice). I had no clue what I was getting into thinking it was simple Demodectic mange until I got home and found out the terrible news. Sarcoptic mange, unlike Demodectic, is incredibly contagious to both dogs AND people.   I begged for donations and help. I didn't know what was going to happen. I have no laundry machine at home (I take all of my laundry in) and knew I was in for a bumpy rollercoaster ride. After having taken care of the other dogs and touching all sorts of things, (most of which I couldn't even remember), I lost my mind. I was so paranoid that I'd contaminated the whole house. Truth is, I probably did. I was greeted by a man I didn't realize would be my and Butternut's savior. Dominick Tambone of Foxie's Fund discovered my plea for help. He contacted me regarding taking on Butternut's vet bills. I, of course, was skeptical. What was the catch? How could someone from out-of-the-blue, never having known me before, want to take on all of Butternut's veterinary and care costs? Something had to be amiss, right?   WRONG!   Dominick was indeed the angel he claimed to be! Butternut was already boarded at my vet being cared for and he got in touch with them, explaining he only worked with vets. Admittedly, that didn't last long and we became fast friends. How could we not? He's an awesome guy 😉   Over the course of three long weeks Butternut, Dominick and myself were all tumbled around in a bundle of information and misinformation. The most important bit was, we found out, that Butternut did NOT have Sarcoptic mange (phew!). But the following diagnoses weren't so stable. First she was believed to have a fungal infection but the anti-fungal shampoo wasn't working so well. Was she still contagious? Nobody knew. I was supposed to pick her up after one week, but she was still terribly itchy and no hair had grown back. She was crying. Not diagnosis was for certain. I had to bring her back. We finally settled for Demodex and the Ivermectin shots were doing her well after the next two weeks. Throughout the full three weeks, Dominick stuck right by us and Foxie's Fund contributed every step of the way.   Once Butternut was finally home with me, I noticed a new symptom: she was bow-legged! Would she need braces or splints? What would become of her now? I was worried that having been boarded for so long, she didn't have a chance to properly grow and walk around (this is not the case). The poor girl was also still itchy. Though most of her hair had grown back on her face, the rest of her body was still pretty bare.   Oh boy, so what next? I am a tiny rescue, can I for sure find this girl a home? Would Dominick murder me after finding out about her new health issue?   Not even close...in fact, Dominick decided that he wanted to adopt Butternut and bring her to see his wonderful vet in Georgia. We had extensively discussed all sorts of health issue possibilities throughout the three weeks. What's a little bow-leggedness, right?   11760066_1147888545228726_428873444100885569_n   I said my last goodbyes to the little 9-week-old girl. She was prepped for flight in a fancy carrier and was ready-to-go with a professional pet transport service. We just snuck by that carrier, too; thank heavens the man admitting her at Delta was on his first day of the job and had no idea what he was doing!   Butternut arrived safely in Georgia and has been putting on weight with her new family. She has been adopted by her little pack of pups and is learning all the tools of the trade. Butternut couldn't have possibly asked for a better home. Thank you Dominick of Foxie's Fund!   11781613_10204430984593025_8859459487700899913_n 11707447_10204393944707051_2304832413818797433_n 11755262_10204393946147087_1428403607575320523_n   To help Dominick help dogs like Butternut, please visit his Facebook group at: Foxie's Fund