9/30/16 – Meet Iris!

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  Our good friend found Iris the Mini Aussie mix in Baldwin Park, labeled as “dog aggressive” and requiring to be the only dog in the home. Stupidest thing we ever heard, considering she was in a kennel AT THE SHELTER WITH OTHER DOGS! Ugh, these people. Anyway, she was an owner surrender, forgotten about[…]


  Name: Iris Gender: Female/Spayed Age: 3 years Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd X Weight: 20lbs   Description: Iris was an owner surrender that had been tossed into a kennel with other dogs at Baldwin Park shelter despite being labeled as “dog aggressive.” Turns out she was the one that had been attacked, but her lacerations[…]

Chance – ADOPTED

         Name: Chance Gender: Male/neutered Age: 1 year Breed: Miniature Poodle Weight: 15lbs   Description: Chance is a 1 year old purebred 15lbs Miniature Poodle. He was rescued off the streets in early Sept in South Los Angeles, completely matted almost beyond recognition. His mats were so severe they were ripping his[…]

9/19/16 – Private Fundraiser Success!


      Pidgey, Dahlia, Primrose, Pansy,  Lil’ Droozie, and Mabel all joined us 9/17/16 for a private fundraiser held by a couple of dear friends and past adopters of ours! They had adopted Kiwi and Catalina in the past. It was the host’s birthday, and we were lucky enough to be invited as the main event! We[…]


Name: Rosa Gender: Female Age: 10 weeks Weight: 5 lbs Breed: Miniture Pinscher x Dachshund Description: Rosa was dropped in our arms by her previous owners at Carson shelter while we were pulling Dahlia, Pansy, and Prim! Rosa is an incredibly sweet, doting puppy. Like a switch she quickly flips from playful with other puppies, to knocked out on[…]


Name: Pansy Gender: Female Age: 4 Months Weight: 4.5lbs Breed: Chihuahua x Pomeranian Description: Pansy and her sister, Primrose, were both rescued from Carson shelter. Pansy has a lighter coloring than Prim and is a bit more timid than her sister. She is still adjusting to being handled by people, but loves snuggling up against you once[…]

Primrose – ADOPTED

Name: Primrose Gender: Female Age: 4 Months Weight: 4.5lbs Breed: Chihuahua x Pomeranian Description: Primrose and her sister, Pansy, were both rescued from Carson shelter. Prim has a slightly darker coloring than Pansy. Although they are both timid, Prim is definitely more social than Pansy. She’s much more curious and interested in what’s going on around[…]