1/7/15 – Happy New Year!

10898160_1029529620397953_3346503209753695866_n 10653385_1029531677064414_7370244729438174636_n   Happy New Year everyone! Chicken, our most recent amputee, has recovered. She is now yet another beloved tripod to add to our little three-legged pack <3 Our wonderful Hoochie Foster Mama Sarah put together these gorgeous collages of her and Mushroom! Our hiatus will come to an end in February if we can raise the funds we desperately need to pay our bills. Unfortunately, food, toys, and all necessary services are never free. Our bills are highest in the medical section after having to amputate Funny FootStarfox and Chicken's legs, along with docking Pudding's tail and Pancake's seizure scare. We've never been struck so hard and all bills have come out to over $5,000. We are slowly trekking along with raising donations, but by skipping today's Starbucks and putting a mere $5 towards these pups, you're ensuring not only their health and future, but our's as well as we try to beat bankruptcy.  Quite the beginning to a new year! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!