13177504_671240199680329_5398648085589085378_n 13177679_1361321370552108_1251153795133339766_n13230307_1361321320552113_6786307823983183277_n13173894_1361321230552122_1807090960977418649_n   Name: Lucy Gender: Female/spayed Breed: Border Collie & German Shepherd Age: 7 months Weight: 40lbs   Description: Lucy was rescued with her sister as a puppy covered in fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, Lucy, now no longer a tiny puppy, is being returned to us. Sadly, adopting puppies out is always a risk- in Lucy's case, her family was not sincere when detailed about her breed mix (Border Collie & German Shepherd, most likely) and how her energy level would be. Now that she's no longer a cute little puppy, but a full-grown dog with lots of energy that needs exercise, she is no longer loved. Lucy is an incredible dog. I've been working with her since she was about 5 months old. She's now 7-8 months old and 40lbs. She's crate trained, potty trained, leash trained, knows all basic obedience commands, is excellent off-leash, and is well-socialized. She loves trips to the dog park and will make an excellent hiking/jogging companion. She's a very sweet girl that is fine with children, dogs, cats, and people. She's a very happy girl and a very CLEVER pup!