1/24/15 – Serious Health Frights for Ophelia and Luther, Donations Desperately Needed; Hello Alene!

10945512_10206242123515451_8088713346539917574_n 10915173_1039091056108476_2846473637688549839_n   Ophelia and Luther have both been struck with serious health issues within the course of 24 hours. Luther was rushed to the vet thanks to donated transport with symptoms of excessive salivating, diarrhea, vomiting and lethargy. While his parvo test concluded negative, his vet believes it is potentially a false negative and is treating him as such. Luther was only just rescued yesterday, 1/23/15; we never even had a chance to put his page on our site before he got sick.   Ophelia's luck is looking just as grim. Not only was her transport and general rescue costs covering $450, but she has been struck with health problems as well. She was rescued 1/20/15 healthy, bright and playful as a cheerful clam without ever even erupting a cough. As of today, she had excessive amounts of coloured mucus in her nose, sneezed a lot, and became lethargic as well. She refused to eat a thing and hung her head low, almost as if she'd become quite depressed. Ophie was also rushed to the vet and the diagnosis was pneumonia. However, we were also told about the potential of distemper, which scared the bejeebies out of us. If Ophelia does indeed have distemper, all seven of her puppies that were adopted out of the shelter before we rescued her would be faced with the potential of having it as well (this includes the potential of having pneumonia). Our fears are very high for her dear family, and we only hope for the best outcome at this point for everyone involved.   Needless to say, vet bills are about to skyrocket again and we were only just so close to paying off the rest of what we had left at one vet. Now we are jumping to a potential complete bill looking at $1,500 with the vet that Luther is at, but Ophie's vet is facing charges of $2,000 for her care alone.   Ophie has her own fundraiser specifically for her care which can be viewed here detailing multiple ways to donate, including of course this website: http://www.petcaring.com/nonprofits/ophelia-has-pneumonia-/48084   Luther doesn't have his own fundraiser, but can be donated to here via this website, or directly on PayPal (send to friends/family or we won't receive it!) to hoochiepoochrescue@gmail.com   Without the help, support and donations of Hoochie Pooch Rescue's wonderful animal-loving friends, family, fans and strangers, we cannot possibly continue rescuing dogs. My heart yearns to only do good by the dogs, but I am one girl, and I need your help.       10369921_1038536329497282_7042339463805628183_n   Alene is an adorable little PomChi rescued the same day as Luther, luckily with none of his symptoms (knock on wood.) She's a bright, healthy girl learning to walk on a leash and collar and just how to be a dog! She is a bit shy, very cuddly, and quite goofy.