12/1/14 – Pancakes seized & Chicken has been FOUND!!!! WE NEED DONATIONS!!!; Wink, Pippin & Jezebel have been adopted~!

  10580076_949778898373026_9192304234246150741_n Our sweet boy Pancakes had a seizure about a week ago. He fell over and his legs were shaking violently. He was unable to respond and required immediate medical attention. After stabilizing him, we couldn't figure out exactly what happened.   10665097_995831787101070_6455964596004478187_n 10250057_995831837101065_2682070639462509574_n     Chicken had been lost for about 3 weeks. She was found after we received a frantic call from a wonderful family that read our number on her tag. Their truck had been stolen! The man who stole their truck had run over Chicken with their truck and sped away. They stayed with her until we arrived, though sadly she was in rather deplorable condition, bleeding from her rear end and unable to move her back legs or stand at all. She whined in pain all the way to the vet.   10430423_1000402163310699_7189496269172722362_n   Chicken had a shattered back leg, which subsequently needed to be amputated. She is now in recovery.   We are $500 with Pancakes and $1,000 with Chicken more down the rabbit hole of vet bills after already having tended to our other amputees and Pudding, who had chewed her own side off. We have been trying to pay off the bills left behind by Silly Knees "Starfox," Pudding and Funny Foot. With only $20 in donations to the amputees and still very little in donations coming in, we are stressed for our last month before the books close. We have nothing left and cannot rescue anymore dogs until we pay off these bills (and yet, we picked up a sweet dog, Gandalf, off the streets about five minutes after Jezebel was adopted. WE ARE TRYING TO RAISE $2,000 IN DONATIONS TO COVER OUR VET BILLS! WE CAN'T DO THIS ALONE! WE HAVE NOTHING LEFT!   11128_999440443406871_4153968080450581190_n 10614317_10203968845595913_8728515134636006379_n 10404377_1002557906428458_5775444378438806892_n Wink and Pippin both found their furever homes and are very happy! Jezebel is especially happy, but she's just that kind of wiggly puppy that would rather give kisses than pose for a piture 😉