1/20/15: Welcome Ophelia ; They Got Annie!

10383892_492373300900354_5970108112939353283_n Ophelia was rescued today from San Bernadino City Shelter! She is a 10 month old Shiloh Shepherd pup that loves dogs, people, and even horses! Welcome, sweet girl!     10675747_982985351719047_4912870005274736373_n Our little orphan Annie was adopted in Santa Monica by a wonderful new Momma! Updated picture coming soon!   WE ARE STILL IN DESPERATE NEED OF DONATIONS TO STAY RUNNING!!! Please consider clicking our donation tab or sharing our stories to help us raise funds and continue rescuing dogs! We normally rescue at a much fast pace, but with funds in such short supply, it has taken a toll and we have slowed down immensely. If we raise more donations, we can save more lives!