11/17/15 – Many Happy Pups with Furever Homes; Lack of Fosters = Holiday Shut Down

1479097_1201431336541113_7446282683331970866_n 12141614_1206746152676298_1338977593690028950_n 10406580_1209515665732680_1981727447415223589_n  12187937_1218926694791577_3044658043369247269_n 12063634_1218927064791540_764746472230507455_n 12246963_1221226524561594_5313034472467389354_n   These SIX happy pups have all found furever homes for the holidays: Ghost, Merlin, Vixey, Magnolia, Kiki and Juno. It is because of foster homes that we were able to pull these dogs from the streets/bad owner situations and from being euthanized at shelters. Unfortunately, our foster homes have all gone but one. It is because of the lack of foster homes that we are now unable to continue rescuing and have shut down. Hopefully this shut down will only last through the holidays. Since Hoochie Pooch Rescue first came to exist in 2009, over 100 dogs have been saved from all kinds of situations, with all types of health issues and all walks of life. Most of the dogs we have saved would not have otherwise survived, and not a single one would have been able to be saved if he/she had no place to live temporarily until finding his/her furever home. Now, we plead with our supporters for help. Without temporary placement for animals (typically lasting anywhere from 1-3 months), we simply cannot continue saving dogs. Should you be interested in fostering, please contact us at hoochiepoochrescue@gmail.com or call us at (310) 403-0641. By making room in your home for a little furry friend, even just for a little while, YOU are saving a life with us! We provide all necessary supplies. Dogs are ALWAYS friendly with cats, dogs and people. They come healthy unless otherwise noted and health care has been agreed upon. Also, not only do we provide food for the dog you foster for us, but we also provide healthy, top-of-the-line grain-free food for YOUR dogs too! So please, if you have space in your home and your heart, consider fostering. (If you can't foster, donations are MUCH appreciated).