10/20/14 – Happy Days for Marbles & Prada; Pierre and Hopscotch are Adorable Together!

10270440_973676879316561_2316585465763360985_n 10311052_972884519395797_1657718337916861195_n   Marbles and Prada found their furever homes in these loving arms! The girls are happy as can be and are spoiled little only-pup princesses in their new homes, just like they wanted to be! Both girls are thriving!   10001343_967592796591636_4618989132954496887_n 10173578_973676685983247_6794138675563455936_n 1779056_974198615931054_8572304866896670217_n   Pierre has claimed our permanent Hoochie Hopscotch as his new girlfriend. They cuddle nonstop together and even play together! Pierre will be meeting his potential new family tomorrow and while we are ever-so excited, we will miss him dearly if things go well! Good luck, Pierre!