10/13/14 – Instapuppies; Funny Foot is Home; Pippin & Monarch are Back!

10376924_939742379376678_640275768612175101_n These two fluffy dorks, Hopscotch and Starfox, are Permanent Hoochies for life! If you want to follow their "diaries," including cute photos, captions and stories about their daily happenings, you can add them on Instagram at hopscotchthepapillon and starfoxpom! Occasionally there will be photo ops with our adoptable Hoochies as well 🙂 Keep in touch! DISCLAIMER: Personal views & lifestyle of Hoochie Pooch Rescue volunteers, employees, and representatives do not necessarily represent the views and lifestyle of Hoochie Pooch Rescue, not limited to as a business entity, or its dogs.   1932286_968556629828586_7519129414798802517_n 10410107_926496780701238_4669278961632350953_n   From rags to riches, Funny Foot is a prime example of a forgotten dog. Assumed to have fractured her leg as a younger puppy, she was left without medical care for far too long and her front left leg was so mangled even when it healed on its own. Unfortunately, she was beyond any treatment. With shredded tendons and bones turned into dust, we had to amputate her leg. She couldn't care less and is happy as can be, but we will always miss the funny little footie of Funny Foot. Once she is healed, she will be available for adoption. If interested in helping us cover her lengthy medical bills alongside those of our other dogs, you can follow our homepage link to donate to us, or directly via PayPal to hoochiepoochrescue@gmail.com. Skip a Starbucks for the day - even $1 helps!   1924388_945562775461305_7338588559016128925_n 10356397_941561019194814_6025900839354271789_n MonarchPippin's recent opportunity for trying their paws at a new life fell through. We'd love to see these best buddies be adopted together, but they would be fine as only-dogs as well. Both boys are back with us and continue their search for furever homes!